Bref Deluxe Delicate Magnolia, Rim Block Toilet Cleaner, 50g

was $7.69 $3.50 each $7.00 per 100g


Feel like your toilets deserve a more luxurious smell? Bref Deluxe offers an elegant and refined perfume, inspired by fine fragrances. Bref's 1st perfume for your toilet! Your bathroom will be enriched with a long lasting fresh and luxurious scent. Bref Deluxe will help keep your toilets hygienically clean and fresh with its 4 in 1 formula: luxurious scent; hygienic foam; stain removal; dirt protection. Carton and basket are recycable. For recycling of carton, separate it from blister bubble. Part(s) may not be collected in your area.


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